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Generative AI marks a pivotal turning point in AI’s journey, offering the capacity to produce diverse content, enhance operations, and transform industries. Industry reports estimate that AI will boost global GDP by $7-10 trillion over the next decade, primarily through increased productivity across various job functions. Generative AI presents the opportunity to substantially improve shareholder return, but enterprises must first tackle key strategic questions to properly implement a holistic approach to Generative AI.

JLA provides a framework to approach AI transformation through various stages including Plan, Platform, Processes, People, and Policy.

  • Plan determines how AI fits into an organization’s overall vision by establishing a go-to-market strategy and critical business cases.
  • Platform outlines data capabilities, data needs, key infrastructure, and needed integrations.
  • Processes seeks to establish KPIs and a path to commercialization.
  • People focuses on AI talent and company culture, and finally,
  • Policy creates a framework and guardrails to protect against enhanced threats and vulnerabilities.

JLA’s approach to AI transformation has a proven track record – delivering numerous successful projects across various industries. These projects include assisting AI companies with product roadmaps and go-to-market strategies as well as helping enterprises implement Generative AI-powered use cases using RAG, LLM, and Visual QA techniques. Use cases include integrating AI capabilities for contact centers, fraud detection software, chatbots for manufacturing, and medical record and invoice analysis.

JLA has the expertise necessary to provide transformative AI services that are categorized into Strategy, Development, and Hardware Services. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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