Chasing the BEAD Billions


Chasing the BEAD Billions

On June 26th, the NTIA allocated state funding amounts under the BEAD program. Each state, plus DC, was awarded at least $100 million, and 19 states will distribute over $1 billion. States have 180 days from June 30th to submit their Initial Proposal, and may begin submitting proposals as early as July 1st. The first funding applications guidelines will likely be announced by states soon. The clock is ticking…

BEAD winners need to provide matching funds of at least 25% of project costs. BEAD requirements are complex, so meeting them is no small task. Early preparation ensures applicants develop a build plan that aligns with federal and state broadband interests and fits their company’s strategy.

Applicants must ingest and analyze diverse sources of geospatial and other data including FCC maps, state government programs, incumbent operators in eligible markets, consumer demographic data, and their own network data, all of which will augment deployment strategies and are critical to developing a winning proposal.

JLA Advisors is uniquely qualified to support the entire lifecycle of broadband deployment and derive insights from massive amounts of complex data, along with providing demand analysis, competitive analysis, and network design. JLA’s team is scalable and flexible, with seasoned veterans who have advised ISPs on BEAD, other federal funding, and broadband deployment initiatives.

Everybody wants a piece of the pie. JLA Advisors can get you a bigger slice.

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