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At JLA Advisors, we specialize in strategy consulting for key industries including telecom and software to help investors, operators, and ISPs thrive in their competitive markets. We also work with enterprise clients to guide their businesses toward sustainable future growth. JLA offers insightful, outcome-driven solutions to align your business with the latest innovations. Our expert data-driven consulting services enable you to make informed decisions, maximize efficiency, and scale effectively. Partner with JLA Advisors for a comprehensive approach to navigating the fast-paced world of technology. Whether it’s finding the ideal investors for your company or ensuring your SaaS business gets through those difficult first few years, we help power your success now and in the future.


The telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid transformation. Efforts to seize untapped growth are accelerated by spectrum availability, public and private financing, and new use cases enabled through 5G, IoT, and Edge.


The explosive demand for data driven services is driving greater investment in groundbreaking software and technology companies. Software businesses in particular look for investors who can enable long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.


Industries are engaging in digital transformation with a new sense of urgency. These changes include upgrading OT and IT platforms, investing in IoT and automation, and replacing legacy ways of doing business with digital alternatives.


Software as a Service has emerged as the preferred way for enterprises to consume software, allowing for easier implementation, onboarding, and management. As the landscape becomes more competitive, SaaS companies have an accelerated need for agile, data-driven management.

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