Strategy Consulting Practices

JLA’s practices enhance your business’s performance and ensure that you’re prepared for the ever-changing future. Whether it’s evaluating private networks offerings or understanding the Edge and its capabilities, JLA makes it easier for executives and investors to bridge business and strategic problems with the technical expertise required to create comprehensive strategies and plans. Our comprehensive approach to a variety of practices sets us apart from our competitors. Contact us today if you want to find out more. 


Companies rely on JLA to navigate the demand and supply-side economics of wireline and wireless broadband services. We employ geospatial tools and deep expertise to allow your company to capitalize on the broadband boom.

Private Networks & IoT

JLA can help your company cut through the noise, offering tailor-made insights on how a private network truly impacts your business. We serve as the intermediary between the organization and the network provider, addressing both the feasibility and need for private networks.


The Edge is expanding, and JLA is here to help your organization make sense of it. We provide a rigorous demand analysis for edge services, complete with an investment strategy, a deployment plan, and ROI models.


Growing into an industry-leading software company is challenging, but JLA’s diagnostic and operational services help software companies make critical changes to become product-led enterprises. These changes affect RFP evaluation, software customization, R&D priorities, and enterprise-wide alignment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

JLA Advisors assists clients through their AI transformation journey from vision to execution. With a combined team of strategists, technologists, and solution architects, JLA offers extensive AI expertise in industries including manufacturing, law, and healthcare, among others.

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