Strategy Consulting

Welcome to JLA Advisors

JLA Advisors is a boutique strategy and technology consulting firm offering companies and investors a comprehensive end-to-end set of services including growth strategy, business case development, technology architecture design, AI enablement, and operations implementation. Our extensive experience in digital infrastructure industries such as Broadband, IoT, Edge, AI, and Software allows our clients to capitalize on the world’s most impactful technological trends and developments. Our strategy consulting services help organizations better understand their market, competition, and technology, empowering them to grow revenue and compete more effectively.

Who We Are

Our principals have twenty-plus years of experience in strategy and technology transformation as senior executives in operating companies, consultants, and change agents. Our expertise enables us to assist our clients in developing growth and go-to-market strategies that create long-term success. Through JLA’s workshops, analyses, and roadmaps, our clients are able to capitalize on the latest technology trends, break into new markets, and uncover sustainable sources of value.  

Our strategy, technology, and execution services are enabled through key skills, tools, and datasets across industries including telecom, investments, enterprise, and SaaS. JLA is helping shape industries and emerging technologies. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you.  

Our Clients


The telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid transformation. Efforts to seize untapped growth are accelerated by spectrum availability, public and private financing, and new use cases enabled through 5G, IoT, and Edge.


The explosive demand for data driven services is driving greater investment in groundbreaking software and technology companies. Software businesses in particular look for investors who can enable long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.


Industries are engaging in digital transformation with a new sense of urgency. These changes include upgrading OT and IT platforms, investing in IoT and automation, and replacing legacy ways of doing business with digital alternatives.


Software as a Service has emerged as the preferred way for enterprises to consume software, allowing for easier implementation, onboarding, and management. As the landscape becomes more competitive, SaaS companies have an accelerated need for agile, data-driven management.

Our Practices


Companies rely on JLA to navigate the demand and supply-side economics of wireline and wireless broadband services. We employ geospatial tools and deep expertise to allow your company to capitalize on the broadband boom.

Private Networks & IoT

JLA can help your company cut through the noise, offering tailor-made insights on how a private network truly impacts your business. We serve as the intermediary between the organization and the network provider, addressing both the feasibility and need for private networks.


The Edge is expanding, and JLA is here to help your organization make sense of it. We provide a rigorous demand analysis for edge services, complete with an investment strategy, a deployment plan, and ROI models.


Growing into an industry-leading software company is challenging, but JLA’s diagnostic and operational services help software companies make critical changes to become product-led enterprises. These changes affect RFP evaluation, software customization, R&D priorities, and enterprise-wide alignment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

JLA Advisors assists clients through their AI transformation journey from vision to execution. With a combined team of strategists, technologists, and solution architects, JLA offers extensive AI expertise in industries including manufacturing, law, and healthcare, among others.

Chasing Bead Billions

Chase the BEAD Billions! JLA Advisors is ramping up broadband services to help ISPs prioritize markets, create geospatial maps, develop their network design, and win federal funding.