Investment in digital infrastructure, telecom services, SaaS, and other technology-oriented firms continues to grow, underpinned by the explosive demand for data services. From a private equity perspective, technology accounts for 31% of the buyout market and has become the industry’s dominant area of focus. Given the level of competition and complexity, investors must carefully evaluate a target company’s management and operations to achieve financial and strategic objectives. 

Spectrum auctions, broadband stimulus programs like the BEAD Program, and the development of Open-RAN architectures are creating opportunities to invest and disrupt the broader telecom, software, and technology industries. JLA Advisors has a wealth of experience working with investors including private equity and venture capital firms, hedge funds, and corporate development teams within companies. These services include Sector and Target Evaluation, Due Diligence and Post-Transaction Planning, and post-transaction services including Strategy, Integration, and Operations. 

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