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Annual global CAPEX on Edge IT and data center facilities are forecasted to reach $146B by 2028. To extract the most value, players will need a game plan defining what, where, and how much for edge investments. 40% of IT CIOs name complexity as the major roadblock to edge adoption. Simply put, the Edge means different things to different people, but JLA can provide a game plan. Investment in data centers and the Edge varies based on who you are and what you have. Whether that means deploying data centers, addressing technological challenges, or making acquisitions, JLA has you covered. Through its Smart Edge Growth Program, JLA provides tailored IT and data center services based on each organization’s assets and priorities. JLA’s framework determines what the demand is for Edge services, where to invest and deploy assets, and how much return to expect. The first stage is a Strategic Options analysis, evaluating what the demand is based on real estate, space, and connectivity to develop customized market positioning and investment opportunities. Strategic Options analysis determines how a player can evolve existing assets for Edge services, evaluated in the context of each organization’s vision and capabilities. In this stage, we consider the availability and density of fiber, power, and location. Next, JLA’s Planning Stage addresses the “where” through a mapping tool leveraging geospatial elements for a complete network design. We select and optimize deployments from the infrastructure to the device edge including access sites, aggregation points, regional data centers, and on-prem servers. Finally, the ROI Stage details how much, providing a detailed financial model with revenue categories by service offering, NPV and IRR estimates for investments, and a phased-launch approach to meet short- and long-term market demand. Choosing JLA Advisors as your selected provider for Edge IT and data center services will put you leagues above the competition. Below you’ll find a closer look at our specific services. Feel free to contact us to discover more.


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