Capturing the Broadband Boom

Companies are entering unprecedented times with the ability to provide wireline and wireless broadband networks and services. Demand continues to skyrocket, and federal and state governments are eager to bridge the Digital Divide. As a result, new programs are funding and subsidizing the economics. JLA’s professionals have deep expertise from decades of experience, along with access to network planning toolkits to help your company capitalize on the broadband boom.

Step one is a rigorous demand analysis, examining the true sectors of enterprise and consumer demand. This analysis must achieve the correct level of granularity, and through JLA’s geospatial tools and expertise, we conduct demand-side analyses down to the individual household or enterprise. The second step is a thorough analysis of supply-side economics, determining the cost structure of various broadband technologies and the full picture of the cost-to-serve. Our supply-side analysis also includes the impact of any governmental broadband programs and a full view of the competitive landscape.

JLA then synthesizes insights across the demand and supply-side analyses, producing a systematic and disciplined broadband opportunity analysis, complete with robust business case economics.


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